Asit Gupta

People buy
what they trust

Peers are 2-3x more trusted
than Advertising and Influencers

People buy
what they trust

Peers are 2-3x more trusted than
Advertising and Influencers

We are Global experts in creating Peer Advocates

Since 2011, 50+ Brands, 20+ Countries

Peer Advocacy boosts your Marketing ROI

Consumers turned into advocates offer 6 specific benefits, not just one. This has an exponential impact on your Marketing ROI. With over 8 years experience in creating Peer Advocates, we guarantee the quantitative impact mentioned below.

Deeper connection

+300% Engagement Time

With so much content surrounding consumers, attention span is now just 8s and on top ad blockers protect consumers from your messages. With our interactive platform which makes your content segmented, sequenced and snackable we are able to guarantee a minimum 3 times increase in time spent. This deeper engagement increases Brand Preference and drive consumers from Awareness to Consideration.

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Efficient conversions

-25% lower cost per convert

Consumers engaged to become advocates and empowered with product knowledge, recognition and special offers are not only happy to buy your product again but also refer their friends whether it is for sampling, for joining your CRM or for buying from your online shop, via a trackable and attributable link. Between an intrusive banner ad and a chat message from a friend, it is clear which one gets clicked more. This results in your brand getting more conversions with the same $ spend, thus boosting your marketing ROI.

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Authentic conversations

+100% trusted peer impressions

Social conversations, online as well as offline, have a strong impact on purchase decisions. Our model stimulates an interactive dialogue with your consumers seeking their opinions and feedback while also offering them tips to get the most out of their purchase. This creates a cohort of satisfied consumers who are happy to talk about your product on not just their social media timelines, but also on dark social channels like Facebook groups, WhatsApp, Messenger and also in day-to-day offline conversations. This is human media in action.

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Helpful reviews

+200% positive reviews

Online reviews are one of the most trusted sources of information for potential buyers, and have a massive influence on purchase. However there is more to reviews than just quantity. For reviews to influence purchase they need to be rich and detailed enough to be helpful and recent enough to be relevant. Our model ensures that there is a regular and growing stream of genuine and high quality reviews on your products on various online channels. With Bazaarvoice integration, we also make it easy for you to showcase these reviews across different channels.

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Trusted content

+300% growth in content pool

Consumer content aka UGC is trusted 6x more than professional produced brand content and upto 9x more than influencer content. No wonder consumers spend 90% more time on website pages with UGC galleries and digital ads with UGC have a 50% higher click rate compared to ads with brand images. Advocates created by our engagement programs provide you such trusted content in a wide variety of formats - stories, photos, memes, testimonial videos, with full usage rights. Some advocates have even featured in brand ads and fronted launch conferences.

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Real time collaboration

200% faster Ideas, Insights & data

Imagine having 1000s of real and engaged target consumers available for generating insights, verbatims, claim data, concept testing and even in-home visits, at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research and at twice the speed. Add to that the ability to have follow up drill down based on initial response and you have an amazing engine to power your marketing and innovation. Consumers turned into advocates, using our model, offer your brands this ability to colloborate in real time efficiently.

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Brands trusting us

Over 50+ leading brands have worked with us to engage consumers and get authentic peer advocacy- reviews, video testimonials, photo stories, social recommendations and sales referrals.

Why you need Advocates

It is all about Trust

Trust has collapsed

According to Edelman Trust Barometer trust in 4 key institutions media, govt, business (which includes brands) and NGOs has collapsed.

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Trust has collapsed

Trust cannot be bought

Paying Influencers to post about our brand at best builds awareness and at worst creates Fraud

Click to watch Unilever CMO talk about it:

People trust other people

92% of people completely trust reccos from friends, family and fellows, according to Nielsen Global Trust Study. Philips Kotler calls them the F-factor

>90% trust F-factor

<30% trust digital ads

How we create Peer Advocates

Over the years we have developed deep expertise in generating Peer advocacy cost efficiently at scale. Our recipe combines proven psychological principles with the scale of technology and the power of community.


We use the proven psychological principle of Influence-Reciprocity to create a meaningful and genuine value exchange. This give and take motivates consumers to advocate your brand to their peers.

Learn more about Reciprocity below.

Journy C2C Platform

Genuine RECIPROCITY is the foundation of efficient and authentic Peer Advocacy

Consumers advocate you in exchange for being valued, recognised & rewarded


Our proprietary platform, JOURNY delivers a holistic value exchange experience at scale using interaction and gamification. This empowers and motivates your users to advocate your brand to their peers, while giving you scale and measurable impact.

See how JOURNY works below

Journy C2C Platform

50mn+ engagement actions have been done on Journy in 16+ languages across 25 countries

Consumers engage with your brand for an average of 5 mins


Women focused brands can use our community WOOP to launch peer advocacy programs, in just a week. Besides rewards and recognition, WOOP offers a strong intrinsic motivation- helping the under privileged- to make the value exchange even more powerful.

See how WOOP works below


500,000+ women in India, ASEAN, Europe, Russia and Middle East are already on WOOP

Everyone wins on WOOP- A triple win: Brands, Users, Society

Globally Awarded

Our Advocate campaigns have been awarded globally from our very first year and the accolades have continued.

Trust has collapsed

2011 WOMMY award

Trust has collapsed

2014 WOMMY award

Trust has collapsed

2017 Euro Effies award

See Trusted content created by Advocates

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Tried and Tested. Since 2011

We have created and managed Advocacy campaigns in 22+ countries in 16 languages across US, China, India, ASEAN, Europe, Middle East and LATAM.







What Clients say

Consumer Testimonials

Across countries consumers find the byte sized Interactive engagement delivered by our platforms fun, useful and rewarding-rationally as well as emotionally.

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Meet the Team

Our team is led by experienced marketers with over 100+ years of cumulative experience. We use our marketing expertise as well as technology to solve the #1 Marketing problem today - TRUST.

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